Are You Looking To Sell Your Property With Tenants?

Do You Want To Sell Your Rental Property?

One of the biggest miscalculations investors often make is thinking that owning rental properties is passive income. Those that own rentals know that sometimes dealing with some tenants is anything but a laid-back time. Sure, it’s much more passive than, say, doing a flip. But the truth is, dealing with bad tenants is a much-known reality for landlords. You can only successfully and vigorously screen a possible tenant until you come across the one who’s going to flip your property upside down.

Are you tired of chasing down tenants for rent money? Are you tired of having to fix your property after it’s been vacated? Are you thinking of selling a house while renting out? Maybe you’re done with dealing with all that hassle that comes with owning a rental property. If you’re saying, “I’m ready to sell my house fast because I’m tired of dealing with bad tenants”, then we are the solution for you.  If you’re wanting to evict a tenant before selling, no problem, we will do that for you. Don’t worry about repairing the property either; we buy houses in as-is condition. Did we mention we take care of all closing costs? FastFlow Home Buyers LLC is a cash home buying company who specializes in solving problems. We want to relieve you of a burdensome property.  If you’re tired of being a landlord, reach out to us so we can discuss your situation!

Our Four Step Process Is Simple

At FastFlow Home Buyers LLC, we want to deliver expedient results. It’s no surprise that Real Estate transactions can get complicated. This is the reason why working with us beneficial. From our experience, we have honed in on a process that’s both fast and simple.

We’ve adopted an easy process for you to sell your home. Here are the following steps:

1. Contact us and tell us about your property

Reach out to us at 402-218-1996 for a no-obligation talk. We will then go over your situation and condition of the property. Only after we determine we are the right fit, we’ll move on to the next step.

2.   Offer

After you provided the necessary information, and we have concluded that we are the right fit, we will give you an offer. Sometimes within hours!

3.   Meet with us, contractors, and partners

If you are satisfied with our offer, we move on to the appointment. Usually one is sufficient. No need to worry about the hassle of continually opening your doors to multiple potential buyers. Most of which can’t or have no intention of buying your property. We do take a risk when buying properties so it is critical that a contractor gives us a detailed scope of work. Sometimes we joint venture with partners and they need to look at the investment as well. Still, one showing is all we need.

4.  Get paid!

The last step is the simplest. After everything is settled and the transaction closes, you walk away with cash in hand!

Each offer we make is tailored toward the situation that works best for you and know that you want to “sell my house with tenants”. We’ll give you an offer that works and fits within your timeframe. You won’t be pressured or obligated to accept our offer. If you have any questions, give us a call at  402-218-1996 or fill out the form below to reach us.

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