Understanding “Holding Costs”

Understanding Your Holding Costs

Do you realize what owning your house is costing you? Individuals are astounded when they add every one of the numbers they spend owning a property. Read about the holding costs you will pay for as a homeowner. Note: Keep in mind these costs are not accounting for added closing costs

Owning a house can be costly. It is the reason why investors try to flip a home as fast as possible. Holding it will destroy their profits until the house winds up costing them! Do you own a home you’d like to sell? A rental property? The transaction can take months when dealing with a realtor. When the process is finished, you could be out thousands in lost holding costs! If you’re looking to sell your house fast, working with a company like us, might be a better option. Here are only a couple of the expenses you will confront if you select to list your home on the MLS.

Normal Holding Costs


Even if you aren’t living in the house anymore, you’ll have to keep utilities on. They should be kept on until the property is no longer in your name. If you are living in a big house, you may wind up spending a fortune keeping it warm or cold while looking out for a purchaser. If your utilities are averaging a few hundred dollars every month, you could spend quite a bit before closing. Keep in mind this price tag may vary with the quality of realtor you’re working with!


Again, your expense commitment doesn’t end until the house has sold. Contingent upon the size of your home, you could be looking at many dollars for property taxes. Especially if you’re behind a few months! With a quick transaction, your tax obligation will end immediately.


Lights, gas for the lawnmower, new a/c channels… etc. These things are a small dent in maintaining your home. They will add up faster than you may suspect! Set aside the effort to think about the number of trips to Home Depot you’re making. And how much time you are spending keeping up the home. You may find that hanging tight for a traditional deal isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits.

Surprise Repairs

There is nothing more disappointing than repairs popping up because of an inspection contingency. Now you’re at a point where you never again wish to own the house. So sinking more cash into it tends to be baffling. When dealing with us, you don’t have to worry about an inspection contingency. We buy houses, “as-is”! You can also toss the financing contingency out since we pay cash.


The average homeowner pays around $1,200 per year for their homeowner’s insurance. While this figure can differ generally relying upon where you live, it can, at last, be a noteworthy cost. Mainly when it’s for a house you’re trying to get rid of.


When you list your home, curb appeal is very significant. When selling your house the conventional way, it is good that you improve your curb appeal. Regardless if you do it yourself or contract an expert to help, stay aware that it will cost you some time and cash. Again, we don’t care how bad the landscaping looks. We’ll take the task off your hands.

Cleaning And Staging

It’s obvious the property must be kept in excellent condition as well. You’ll need to keep the house clean as best as possible. Sometimes it may even need to be cleaned for a very late or unexpected showing. Finding a maid service can help. Yet, you will need each individual from your family to keep things clean. They should clean up after themselves to avoid last-moment unneeded stress. Most people decide to pay for staging when selling their home. According to realtor.com, staged houses sell 88% faster than non-staged properties. We’re always looking for a projects, and don’t care how dirty or unstaged a house may be.

Other Holding Costs

Contingent upon where you live and the present circumstance, you may find that you are managing much more expenses. A couple of these expenses to incorporate…

HOA Fees

If you own a home in an improvement or private community, you’ll be required to stay aware of the HOA costs.

Property Management

Do you own an investment property? Yet, you are living out of the area and wish to sell. Even if the rental is in the same town, property management doesn’t come cheap.

Home Watch Services

If a property manager isn’t taking care of the property, you most likely have somebody who takes care of the house for you now and then.

Regardless of anything else, your holding expenses can add up to a small fortune! Worse yet, you will also be racking up some closing costs. When you have settled on the choice that you might want to sell your property, be aware of your options. If you have time and cash available, selling with a realtor might be the best option. But if you’re in a time crunch, we are your best option. Best yet you won’t deal with the stress of dealing with all that was mentioned above. You’ll get a fair cash price not so far off selling with a realtor, all the while making it easy and fast. We’ll run the numbers with you on your property so you can decide the selling alternative that will work best for you!

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