Selling Your House For Retirement: The Ultimate Guide

Selling My House For Retirement

<image src="retirement.jpeg" alt=selling my house for retirement"As a hard-working American, you’ve spent your fair share as a functioning member of our society. When retiring, a decision on the fate of your home will have to be made. Maybe you have already decided, “I’m selling my house for retirement”.  Stick with us and we’ll shed some light into your options.


Why Should I Sell My House?

Houses, as you know by now, come with maintenance. The older the house gets, the more maintenance it will require. What about utilities? When you purchased the property, did you buy it with the intention of housing a big family? This could be costing you, as there is much space that is not being used. Property taxes are something else to consider as they usually increase with the size of a home. If you own a big home, it usually means it contains at least two sets of stairs; a problem for seniors later in life. Downsizing or selling might be a good option.

What Are My Options?

Have you owned your home for a while? We’ll assume you have plenty or full equity built up. Equity=$$$!  Especially if the house has appreciated. Quick fact…If you’re single and have lived in the house for the last 2/5 years from the date of the sale, you may exclude up to $250,000 of the capital gain . You can exclude up to $500,000 if you’re married. Enough about money…let’s move onto the nitty-gritty of selling your home for retirement.

Renting Out The Property

You’ve decided that you’re downsizing. Perhaps thinking of moving in with a relative? Renting? Traveling? Moving into a retirement community? One option that might come to mind is to rent out the property. If done well, this can bring you added income for your retirement funds! First, gather some knowledge of rents in the area. Rents may vary by market location and even neighborhood. Reach out to a local agent for guidance on rent rates. For the most part, tenants will take care of utilities. Electric, gas, etc…. This would leave you with expenses like insurance, property tax, and maintenance. We call these “operational expenses” in the investment world. After taking these expenses into consideration, the amount left is called “cash flow”. Take this number, multiply it by 12 and it gives you your NOI(net operating income). The final step is to take your NOI, divide it by your initial investment(what you bought the property for and upgrades), and multiply it by 100. This formula results for your ROI(return on investment). A good return, for us, is 12% or higher. But it greatly depends on the individual.


  • Great passive income
  • Added funds for retirement
  • Tax Benefits


  • Maintenance costs
  • Deal with possible bad tenants
  • Repair costs if tenants trash the place
  • May require a significant amount of time if you don’t hire a property manager
  • Potential legal issues

Selling The House Yourself

Oftentimes, many people decide to take on the task of selling the house themselves.  When selling your house by yourself, you must know real estate laws quite well. Another thing is to familiarize yourself with the local market. This is crucial in order to price it to sell. Check out recently sold properties around your neighborhood on sites like Zillow or Redfin. Get an idea of what its worth. Hiring an appraiser can turn out to be a good investment if you don’t feel comfortable evaluating on your own. The key component in selling your home as FSBO is… great marketing skills. This article goes more in-depth for selling your house on your own.


  • Make more money on the sale(if you price it right)
  • Get full control of the transaction
  • No rush
  • More control on showings 
  • Higher sales price


  • Time-consuming
  • Requires patience
  • Could be stressful
  • Could lose out on money if you don’t learn to price it right
  • Negotiation
  • May pay buyers agent commission
  • Holding costs such as mortgage, insurance, taxes
  • Might need to spend money on repairs/maintenance

Working With A Realtor

Statistics show that 91% of people decide to use a realtor when selling their house. A real estate agent can fill in the gap and offer great value… if they’re a great real estate agent that is. Good agents are far in between, but they are out there! A good realtor will price your house correctly and use their marketing skills to put the house in front of the right buyers. Choosing the right brokerage will be key to ensure a smooth transaction. We’ve made sure to cover this topic in the following article, “finding a good real estate agent“.


  • Avoid the hassles of paperwork
  • Save time and energy
  • Won’t coordinate repairs or upgrading issues on your own
  • An expert on the market by your side
  • Less negotiating on your own
  • Higher sales price


  • Pay a hefty commission fee
  • Being one of many clients to focus on
  • Could take months to sell
  • Possible conflict of interests
  • Holding costs such as mortgage, insurance, taxes
  • Might need to spend money on repairs/maintenance

Selling to an investor or investment company

Rather not go through the hassle of trying to sell your house on your own? Don’t want to deal with an agent? Rather just sell it quickly for a fair cash price without paying any fees or comissions? Here at FastFlow Home Buyers LLC, we buy houses fast for cash. We can close quickly (usually in 30 days or less!). There are many other investors/investment companies you could choose from in the area, however, we are one of the few truly honest and professional companies. We’ve went ahead and covered this topic as well… “selling my house to an investor/company“.


  • Buy as-is, no repairs, and no cleanup needed
  • Close and move on your schedule
  • No complicated paperwork
  • We pay all closing costs
  • Cash Offer
  • No showings


  • Sell well below market value -“all investors care is about low balling me” We take into consideration closing costs, holding costs, repairs, selling costs, commissions, aaand a profit margin. Those costs add up quick. Our offer is made to be fair to both parties.
  •  Some may be scam artists -always research the company or investor. Are they registered with the BBB? Can they show you legit documentation of their company?
  • There Is No Need For An Investor To Have A License To Buy -we don’t represent a seller or a buyer and just ourselves. There is no need for us to have a license in order to purchase a property. Individuals and corporations buy and sell properties on their own.

This is not a biased article as we know that certain situations and conditions will be different for everyone. We like to educate sellers on their options and what decision will be the best fit for them…even if it means not selling to us. But if you’re thinking about “selling my house for retirement fast” … We’d be glad to give you a no-obligation offer in 1 hour or less.  You can weigh that option against going with a real estate agent, selling yourself, or renting out the home. Questions? Leave us a comment below!

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About the Author-Cecilio E. Gandara’s career in real estate began thinking of how he could impact others lives positively while improving his own. After many courses and long hours of studying real estate, he concluded that starting a real estate investment firm would be the way. As a professional who’s knowledgeable in various aspects of real estate, he is now fully dedicated to serving you and solving any problems you may be experiencing with your property.


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